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As Freight Forwarders, H.W. St. John can arrange the movement of your cargo to any international location. With the help and expertise of our staff we can prepare and process any documentation that may be required before exportation. One of the documents that are required for any shipments that are over $2,500.00 in value is an EEI(Electronic Export Information) . We have been in business for over 100 years, and can offer some of the best competitive rates due to our strong contractual agreements with major airlines.

When it comes to Freight Forwarding H.W. St. John and Company is truly a single source who can handle your overseas air shipments and ocean shipments from any point on the globe to another with one contact. We offer multi-modal shipping, global tracking and worldwide logistics capabilities, all at competitive rate. Our global, door to door services include customs clearance and freight forwarding to interior points, as well as coordination with air freight operations for shipping cargo in the most cost efficient manner.

In compliance with the new regulations, HW St. John is joining forces with the airlines in our effort to enforce the new security mandates.

Due to the residual effects of 9/11, Homeland Security implemented the Commission Act of 2007 which states that 50% screening of cargo was achieved in 2009. Legislation is mandating that by August 2010, 100% of air freight cargo that is transported by a passenger carrier has been screened before departure. Although most of the responsibility for screening lies on TSA (Transportation Security Administration), the federal agency is encouraging freight forwarders and other vendors to handle the screening thru Certified Cargo Screening Facility program. TSA is trying it’s best to prevent the exportation of weapons of mass destruction and other prohibited items. The federal agency will help to certify private sector companies to screen air freight shipments. Manufacturers, warehouses, distribution centers, third party logistics providers etc will have the opportunity to become a certified cargo screening facility (CCSF) upon completion of all requirements under the CCSF program.This will eliminate the long delays at the airlines who will not have the capability of screening all piece count cargo received. Currently TSA has 308 screening facilities available.

"Leading Freight Forwarding Company, HW St. John & Company".

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