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U.S. Customs ISF 10+2


The end of U. S. Customs “flexible enforcement” period is fast approaching.  If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to get your suppliers on board with the program.  On average, it takes 60-90 days for the importer to get the systems in place with their suppliers so that ISF info is flowing smoothly.  During the month of January 2010, the “flexible enforcement” period will expire.  Any ocean shipments that arrive at a U.S. port after the “flexible enforcement” period has expired will be subject to a fine by U.S. Customs and/or possibly prohibited from entering the country.  Shipments for which an ISF has been filed late (required filing 24 hours prior to shipment loading on vessel) or filed with inaccurate info or not filed at all, will be subject to a $5000 fine.  If the importer has been making efforts to file ISFs during the “flexible enforcement” period of this year, there is a possibility that this penalty could be mitigated down to a lesser amount.  So do not delay.  Make sure you are addressing the ISF requirements with your suppliers today to avoid difficulties come January.

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