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Customs Brokers, H.W. St. John & Co Uses a Vast Network to Help Customers

For any customs brokerage firm to be successful, they must establish a wide ranging networking service in order to expedite freight around the world. These connections are vital to a customs brokerage firm as well as to the customers who utilize them.

There is no better example to defend this point than H.W. St. John & Co. The Long Island based customs brokerage has been around for nearly 110 years. Located near John F. Kennedy airport, H.W. St. John & Co. has experienced growth through exceptional customer service and innovation. Part of their success can be attributed to a worldwide networking system that gives them significant advantages over other customs companies.

H.W. St. John & Co.'s vast network cannot be understated. It includes connections in Italy, Austria, Denmark, France, Britain, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Poland, Singapore, South Africa and Taiwan. Of course, aside from these international agents, they also possess a variety of domestic agents as well.

These agents provide numerous benefits to both H.W. St. John & Co. and their customers. For starters, they can provide "pre alerts," for all of customer's shipments. This allows quicker passage through customs and also minimizes the likelihood of cargo getting either delayed or damaged. It allows companies utilizing H.W. St. John & Co. services the ability to give their own customers quicker deliveries and services.

As the world has become more globalized speed and efficiency in delivery of goods has become more and more important. In the past, companies were forced to locate themselves near ports so as to be in person when a shipment would arrive in order to clear customs.

H.W. St. John & Co. does all the paperwork for these companies. In fact, they are digitally connected to U.S. customs allowing them to quickly clear any freight through customs no matter where your company is located. There network of agents also allows them to conduct more services than just helping pass well through customs. For example, they have contracts with trucking companies that allow them to package a company's goods and deliver them across the country. They even have the capacity to deliver sensitive goods that require special treatment such as refrigeration.

H.W. St. John & Co. is one of a select few companies that can boast to have flourished for over 100 years. Their use of an advanced network of agents allows them to effectively coordinate goods all over the world. If your company is in need of a customs broker, no matter where you are located, it is only logical to make that company H.W. St. John & Co.

HW St. John & Company
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H.W. St. John & Company

292 North Central Ave
Valley Stream, New York 11580
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